Module 5


Within the static-dynamic continuum, I believe I am in two different places.  As an educator, I think I am more towards the static end, as I am not able to immerse my students within a dynamic setting due to lack of student skills and access to technology.  However, as a student in an online program, I feel I function more towards the dynamic end.  I feel quite comfortable utilizing the technology available to me, whether considered static or dynamic, and feel that I tend to utilize both technologies with success.

I would like to move further towards the dynamic end of the continuum within my own classroom.  I believe that, with access to more technology, I would be quite adept at providing this type of learning for my students.  We have worked with simulations of butterfly life-cycles and with life cycles of plants.  It would be fun to have students use MindCraft when we do our habitat unit to build an environment that would sustain the life of a certain animal we are studying or have the students use a wiki as their science notebooks.  It is incredibly frustrating, however, to know what best teaching practice may be but not be able to implement it.


6 thoughts on “Module 5

  1. Hi Elizabeth,
    I like your concept map presentation. I can understand your classroom being more at the static end because of the ages of your students. In middle school, my students were able to be termed “dynamic” because they actually coded in Minecraft and changed the endings of games based on their codes. They also used software to build bridges and houses and then 3-D print them. It is awesome to watch young minds be so creative. I think what you are doing with your students is great. One day, they will progress more easily because of your leadership.


  2. Elizabeth,

    I like the way you presented your Concept Map. You put “ebooks” at the content section of static technologies. Do not you think that “online libraries” have to be there as well? In addition, I think that, with the new features added, ebooks are moving towards the dynamic end of the continuum.



  3. I like how you have separated your learning experience from your teaching experience. I am frequently asked about how to best use technology and what technology they might want to acquire, you see many times I am seen as IT. I draw from my own experiences as an online student and as a developer to help answer these questions. First I try to get an idea of how familiar they are with and currently use the technology they have.


  4. Elizabeth,
    Even though I do not teach right now, when I did I did use more of the static technologies in my classroom as well. Even then it was hard because of the age group I was teaching and the students technology skills were just beginning to take place. As an online student, I feel, like you, that I immersed in dynamic technologies and can learn and use any new technology with practice. I think for me I prefer dynamic technologies because the are new and fun to use. I think this term with both of my classes I have learned a lot about dynamic technologies and I hope to use this new knowledge as an instructor in an online learning environment in the future.



  5. Elizabeth,
    I like how your graphic is simple and clear. It makes it very easy to read and understand the relationships represented in it.
    I also understand your frustration with striving to use more dynamic tools while struggling to use limited technology resources. With the high cost of technology and the constant change in this area it does not seem like this situation is likely to change anytime soon.



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